Puffin & Nature Cruises

Come Aboard for a Puffin & Nature Cruise!

Every time we steam out of Port Clyde, Maine harbor, we know we’ll encounter some intriguing wildlife amid the stunningly beautiful seascapes that surround us. On this 2 ½ hour cruise, you will encounter a variety of other marine life. 

Available from mid-June to mid-August, our cruise takes you out to Eastern Egg Rock off the coast of Maine to see an Atlantic puffin nesting site and learn about Audubon’s Project Puffin, a model for restoring seabird populations all over the world.

We also keep a lookout for other nature sightings. Have you ever watched a family of harbor seals frolic in the shallows? Or seen a pair of porpoises speed through the water, or a minke whale rise from the surface in a slow arc? 

As we go along, we always provide expert commentary on all that we see, including the area’s rich lobstering history and nature. Watch and learn as we haul a lobster trap just as lobstermen have done for centuries. This cruise always receives rave reviews from passengers of all ages.

2024 Puffin Cruises

Dates Depart Port Clyde Duration Fares
June 19 June 30Wednesday through Saturday
11:30 AM
2 1/2 hours $47 per adult
$18 per child
July 1 August 14Tuesday through Saturday
11:30 AM
2 1/2 hours$47 per adult
$18 per child

Cruises available mid-June to mid-August.

Depart at 11:30 am and return at 2pm (2 ½ hours)

June schedule: Wednesday through Saturday

July & August schedule: Tuesday through Saturday

$47.00 per adult
$16.00 per child

Reservations required: Call 207-372-8848